Wells Fargo Funding offers Best Effort (single-Loan) and Mandatory (multiple-Loan) selling options, with a variety of features and options to meet your execution needs. As an approved Seller, you have access to live support from our experienced Priceline and Mandatory Trade Desk teams to assist you with any pricing-related questions.

Best Effort

  • 7- to 75-day Locks
  • Extended Locks up to 360 days – including TBD property Locks and a Rate Financed Extended Lock Option (RFELO)
  • Register or Lock online or with live support from a Priceline pricing representative
  • Extensions, relocks, and renegotiations
  • PerformanceWorksSM plan provides Float-to-Current option


  • ±2% delivery tolerance
  • Trades up to 60 days
  • Direct Trades, Assignment of Trade (AOT), bid tapes, and bid tape with hybrid AOT option
  • Rolling, yielding (substitutions), blending, and pair-outs
  • Odd term Loans and odd Note rates can be accommodated